reign ladies appreciation week
day one: favourite lady-in-waiting

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delena + season one

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If you manifest your true self through nature and your normal surroundings, I find that the most eerie. Like when you see birds suddenly start flying in a different direction or when you see moths forming weird shapes, I think that’s the weirdest way to let yourself be known.

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Wherever she went, the smallfolk fawned on her, and Lady Margaery did all she could to fan their ardor. She was forever giving alms to beggars, buying hot pies off bakers’ carts, and reining up to speak to common tradesmen.

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harry potter series + a short summary

reign meme: [1/1] one episode » Pilot

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I feel like I’ve really earnt my stripes – I feel ready to play a lead. I would just love to prove I’m good enough to carry a project. But like any actor I berate myself on a day-to-day basis – I’m not doing well enough, or I didn’t get that role, or I haven’t done enough theatre… I’m shit, I’m shit, I’m crap, I’m crap… Oh, God… you know. It is important to stop and look and think how far I have come. We all need some TLC and to pat ourselves on the back from time to time.

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make me choose: anonymous asked me harry potter saga or twilight saga?

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